LIC New Jeevan Anand (815) Surrender Value Calculator

Surrender Value Calculator for LIC new Jeevan Anand (Table No: 815) provides Approx surrender value based on bonus accumulated and total premium paid. Please provide correct Sum Assured, Policy Term, Yearly Premium etc. to calculate your surrender value.

Surrender Value

New Jeevan Anand Policy can be surrender at any time, provided premium for at least 3 full years have been paid. Surrender value of Jeevan Anand (815) Plan is sum of percentage of total paid premiums excluding Rider Premium & Taxes (Guaranteed Surrender Value) and percentage of accumulated bonus at the time of surrender.

How to calculate Surrender Value of LIC New Jeevan Anand

For explanation, lets take an example of a policy with following details.

Sum Assured10,00,000
Purchase Year2014
Yearly Premium (without any rider and Service Tax)52,370
Year of Surrender2024

In case of above example, for calculating surrender value in year 2024 (after 10 years), we need to calculate total paid premium and accumulated bonus before surrender. After calculating Paid Premium and Bonus, we need to find Guaranteed Surrender Value Factor applicable to total paid premium and Surrender value factors applicable to vested bonuses, both factors can be found on Policy bond of New Jeevan Anand (815). Following table provides above values in case of our example:

ParticularsAmountsSurrender Factor Factored Amount
Paid Premium5,23,70056.92%2,98,090
Vested Bonus (approx.)4,90,00017.85%87,465
Final Surrender Value(approx.)3,85,555
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Wrote : 31-10-2017 10:28:25

Hello Sir, I have the LIC Jeevan Anand (815), my policy term is 10,00,000. policy taken - 01/09/2015 , Quarterly payment 14,425.00. if i surrender the policy in the month of - 01/10/2018 much amount will i get in hand?

Replied : 06-11-2017 11:02:12
Hi, You can calculate, approx surrender value using above calculator.

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Wrote : 18-06-2017 16:38:36

Sir, I have a JEEVAN Anand policy which was stated in 2008 sum assured 200000 .I have pay premium till 2014 .if I surrender the policy how much amount will be as surrender value? Accumulate vasted bonus is 56400.. sir please reply

Replied : 03-07-2017 21:47:34
Your policy is old jeevan anand (table-149), please provide your premium, so that we can tell approx surrender value.

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Wrote : 20-05-2017 16:04:41

Dear, I have questions about jeevan anand policy. 2015 i joined jeevan anand policy 1000000 lakh early payable plan. if i cannot continue this policy ,i can return back my Amount or not.because already i paid 3 years ..please can you reply any one..

Replied : 23-05-2017 15:54:56
After 3 years, you can surrender your policy, you can calculate surrender value using above calculator.

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Wrote : 20-05-2017 08:41:56

Sir, i took a policy in 07/2014, and now i want to surrender it ,after 3 year premium paid , i.e 07/2017, my policy term is 25 years, and my half yearly premium is 34151+800 and sum assured is 1600000

Replied : 23-05-2017 16:00:12
Kindly enter your year premium in above calculator as 68302, sum assured as 1600000, term as 25 years and calculate approx surrender value amount yourself.

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Wrote : 19-05-2017 12:06:31

MY half yearly premium is Rs 5514 and sum assured is 2Lac, and term of policy is 21 years . how the policy is beneficial when i am paying more premium than sum assured?

Replied : 23-05-2017 16:06:12
Please read this Article to know about sum assured and total premium paid.

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Wrote : 14-04-2017 12:43:28

If I am surrendering the policy within 3 years then Surrender value Zero means ,I will not get any money ,the money which i have deposited for 1 0r 2 Years also gone or will not be returned.

Replied : 17-04-2017 20:15:45
It will be zero before 3 years.

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Wrote : 11-04-2017 13:26:54

i have one policy and started in 2015 March , Plan no 815 for 16 years . sum assured value 5,00,000, we have two years completed, please advise , total surrendor value

Replied : 17-04-2017 20:10:13
There is no surrender value before successful completion of 3 years, please use above calculator to calculate surrender value as per your choice.

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Wrote : 08-04-2017 16:09:37

I have two jeevan anand policy 1st detail : sum ass. 300000 , purchased on 28.01.2007, premium 15094 term : 21 years 2nd : sum ass. 30000 0purchased on 28.12.13 premium 20172. Term 17 years Please tell me the surrender amount which i will get as of today

Replied : 08-04-2017 18:09:13
Your plans are old jeevan anand (table 149), we do not surrender value calculator for that plan, but you can use above calculator for approx value. please choose purchase year as 2014 and adjust accordingly.

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Wrote : 06-04-2017 21:07:31

Dear Sir, Here This is inform you that I want to Redemption policy No. 26551xxxx.And I Bought this policy in 26/12/2011. Pls Help me. Thank You Regards Amit kashyap

Replied : 06-04-2017 21:07:31
What are your sum assured, term and premium?

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Wrote : 02-04-2017 07:29:33

Hi sir, maine 2014 me lic new jeevan anand policy li thi jiska sum assured Rs 1000000 hai.mai 2019 mai iska surrender kerta hu to muje kitna amount mile ga please reply

Replied : 04-04-2017 19:36:33
Please tell your policy term and age at the time of taking policy. Sum assured, premium and term is required for calculation of surrender value.

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